Image by Simple Wikipedia Whether you have been off work to have a surgery or you just had a baby, you will need to make some slow but meaningful changes to your daily routine, instead of jumping head first into working out. For some people, a gentle exercise and a daily walk in the park will make a huge difference, while others will need to invest more in their weight loss. No matter what age you are, you will need to adjust your daily routine to your needs and lifestyle. Don’t push yourself too hard, listen to your body, and you will succeed. Start Slow If you were in the hospital for a long time, you cannot start working out three hours a day. It simply puts too much strain on your body. Instead, you should start with short stretches and maybe restorative yoga. You need to build up your body’s strength gradually, before you could get to build up a more serious routine. Don’t overdo the cardio, and always consult with your doctor. Take a Break You simply can’t work out every day of the week if you were in bed for the past few weeks. Start with a morning walk, and take a rest day once or twice a week, so your body can restore its alignment, and you don’t strain your muscles. Listen to your body, and make sure that you are pushing it too hard. If you feel like your muscles are weak, use aids, such as a yoga block or an exercise ball. Increase Your Metabolism At the same time as starting an exercise routine, you should help your body turn the food you consume into energy. You could start every day with fresh fruit juice, or swap your coffee to a green tea twice a day. While you might not prefer the taste of tea to coffee, you can release antioxidants throughout the day, instead of having a short-term caffeine boost. Keep Up Your Energy Levels It is also important that you keep your energy levels up. Don’t starve your body, as this can result in muscle mass loss. Instead, try Tai Chi exercises and yoga meditation to clear your chakras. Take vitamin supplements and minerals to boost your metabolism and energy levels. Increase your activity gradually, so you don’t feel tired every day. Get Professional Help If you struggle losing weight after a C-section, or other operation, you might want to get professional help. There are several non-invasive methods you can try, such as body wrapping and acupuncture. Another way of getting back in shape is to reduce fat with coolsculpting. Instead of losing weight, you can focus on losing body fat, which will help you maintain a healthy BMI and speed up your toning up. After you have recovered from a surgery or long term illness, you should take your time. We all tend to rush our body to transform itself, but this approach does more harm than good. Make sure you don’t push yourself over the limit, start slow, and build up your strength gradually.

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