The Maid of Honour. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But what actually does the role entail? Most people usually consider it to simply mean that you’re in charge of organising the hen do. But when it comes down to it, the maid of honor does so much more! Now, of course, roles will differ from wedding to wedding. Some occasions are laid back. Others are extravagant events in their own right. So the true responsibilities will fall down to an agreement between the bride and her chosen maid of honor themselves. However, the majority of the time, the maid of honor will be the bride’s sister or a close friend and (as any sister or close friend will know), these titles come with a lot of responsibility and a serious sense of duty. So, here are a few things that you can focus on in the build-up to the big day to ensure that the bride is feeling even more loved and supported than you make her feel on a day to day basis. The Hen Party So, let’s start with the expected responsibility: the hen party. As the maid of honor, you want to ensure that the bride to be has the best night out possible in the lead up to the wedding. Sure, a lot of people will go for a simple night out on the town. But this won’t necessarily be up everyone’s street. You probably know the bride better than anyone, so get thinking and ensure that the event will be both something that she enjoys, but also something that stands out as extra special. Incorporate all of her favorite things to do. That might be an afternoon tea, karaoke, sports, museums, anything! You might even like to go abroad for a weekend. Then finish it all up with a great meal and a night out to remember. Go to Wedding Fairs Wedding fairs will generally come around once a year. So book for you and the bride to go! Make a day of it. This will be a lovely break from work and other responsibilities where you can have a catch up (often the bride will go into hibernation mode while trying to plan everything to perfection) at the same time as keeping the main event in mind and browsing some of the finest wedding wares available. Sounds pretty ideal, right?
The Finer Details There are plenty of big and difficult decisions for the bride to make when it comes to organizing and planning a wedding. The venue, the date, the dress… so why not help out with some of the smaller details that might have slipped her mind. Invitations are essential and one of the first things that should be chosen and sent out once the date and venue have been settled. This will help to ensure that all the intended guests can book time off work and arrange transport to the big event. However, many people forget them, send them out last minute, and are disappointed that certain individuals have not received sufficient prior notice. Whether the bride prefers traditional or modern wedding invitations, get a few examples up and ready for her to look at. You could then take care of ensuring that they’re ordered as soon as possible. Hairstyles If you’re close enough to the bride to be her maid of honor, chances are you’re going to have plenty of in-depth conversations about the aesthetics of the bride and the bridesmaids when the wedding day arrives. Often, the bride will want a sense of consistency. This can often mean having the bridesmaids sporting similar hairstyles to her own. So, start flipping through wedding magazines or Pinterest and make a note of styles that you think will work particularly well. You can then sit poring over them with a nice glass of wine or cup of tea as you and the bride decide what will work best for everyone.   Prepare a Bridal Emergency Kit There are all sorts of things that are bound to cause hiccups in the final few hours before walking down the aisle. So make up a bridal emergency kit. This will ensure that you are ready to help out in almost any situation, rectifying small problems that can suddenly seem immense on such a pressure-filled day. Consider including things like paracetamol or ibuprofen, mini-deodorants, perfume, lip balm, safety pin or a needle and thread, sanitary items, and hand sanitizer. These things could become invaluable if there is a sudden need for any of them.   Holding the Train Walking in a wedding dress with a train is much more difficult than you’d imagine. Especially if you are outdoors and the weather or ground conditions aren’t as desirable as you might think. So, do the bride a favor and hold her train or skirts up as she walks. This could prevent a slip or a collection of dirt or dust on her beautiful dress.   Post-Wedding Responsibilities   If the happy couple jet straight off on their honeymoon, you can help them out by returning any rented items. These might include certain clothing or accessories. This means that they don’t have to stop off en route and can focus on their newlywed bliss rather than whether a bowtie makes its way back to its rightful owner. This will be a busy time for any bride, and you’ll undoubtedly want to make her life easier for her. So, offer to take a little responsibility from her shoulders, or to at least be there for her along the way. These are just a few ways to help out. They are simple but will be immensely appreciated. Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that you support one of your nearest and dearest through the entire process. She’ll truly appreciate it, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you helped to make the build-up to one of the most important days of her life as perfect as possible!  

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