High-pressure workdays, long commute, traffic congestion, trying to make ends meet, raising kids, not enough sleep or exercise? Do these sound like situations exclusively for the rich? NO! They happen to be general problems so while stress is unavoidable, managing it is essential. A massage is a quick effective way to relax and refuel. Have you ever been to the spa? The treatment menus thrust into your hands can be overwhelming right? You get list of over 8 different types of massages, with exotic names and fluid descriptions of the pros and of course the price tags are just fabulous! A Massage is a form of art, and the interpretation of this art is influenced by various cultures and traditions. Take the Balinese massage for example, it is typically uses herbal balls and is followed by a steam bath. When heat is applied during a massage, it induces a deeper sense of relaxation and is effective for soothing sore muscles. The Swedish massage, which is heavily influenced by the European culture, is preferred by people new to the concept of massages, it focuses mainly on boosting blood circulation. Then, the Indians have the Ayurvedic massage, which will almost seems like a ritual to a novice, the treatment starts with a tea offering and follows through with oil selection and focuses on specific body parts. This massage focuses on healing and is prefect for postnatal massages. Thai massage is one of the four branches of traditional Thai medicine, a healing technique that was practiced before doctors and any form of formal medicine. The technique uses the body energy line system, it is very therapeutic and restores healthy blood circulation. It is also used to treat dysfunctional organs, aches and pains and postural alignments. Infant Massage is a true African tradition, practiced in Nigeria, Uganda, Mali and many other parts. Regular infant massage soothes and helps in the development of babies systems, including the digestive, circulatory and nervous (brain) systems. It helps to alleviate common problems like constipation, gas, colic, crying, and irregular sleep patterns. Research shows that babies that are regularly massaged develop a higher IQ than babies that are not. All-in-all, whichever type of massage you choose, you should get the following benefits:
  • The skin is the medium used to deliver your massages, through your skin, your therapist will manipulate your muscles and ease your tension.
  • Blood circulation will improve and you will experience warmth and calmness. Improved blood circulation can cause a positive glow in a person as well as unblock constricted blood vessels and improve immunity.
  • The love and happy hormones are secreted during a massage causing the levels of the stress hormones in the body to automatically reduce. So, when receiving a massage and for up to 48 hours after, the levels of cortisol in your system is reduced and it is replaced with high levels of Oxytocin, Serotonin and dopamine. The combination of these hormones leaves you anxiety free, with better focus, higher libido and happier.
  • Are you trying to detox? A massage can directly influence the lymphatic system, which is responsible for movement and excretion of toxins in the body. It provides a manual flow of the toxins from the lymphatic nodes through the vessels and out of the body.
In summary, Massages have a direct and positive impact on stress and anxiety. Hair loss, acne breakouts and hormonal imbalance are some of the researched and documented side effects of stress. Just by managing your stress with massages you can reverse its effects. In these economic times, you may not be able to travel with your family but you can have a ‘staycation’ that includes massages. Trust me, this would cost you far less financially, mentally and physically. Here’s a good place to start: The Pop UP Spa. What is Pop Up Spa?  The Pop Up Spa is a quarterly event hosted by Spa Pampering At Home (S.P.A.H). S.P.A.H is a mobile spa service that personalizes RnR time for its clients by providing the services to them on the go, available at their homes, hotels or offices. It is their mobility that allows them to ‘Pop Up’ at a location near you. Pop Up Spa offers professional massages for everyone; head massages, shoulder massages, back massages and foot massages for specific and targeted relief. The Pop Up Spa is more than just massages; other professionals in the wellness & beauty sector will join the S.P.A.H team. The event will host interactive workshops with Homeopaths, Aromatherapists and Yoga Instructors. Learn relaxation techniques that will take you to a safe and happy place, from mind boggling to focused and calm in 3 breaths! Do yourself a favor, forget about the economy for a full weekend, and join them in. When: November 5th & 6th All weekend (Saturday & Sunday) 10am -8pm daily Where:  58 Raymond Njoku Street off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. image4-1 Kemi B is a trained massage therapist and massage instructor and educator, a member of the AMTA & certified in Infant Massage . Lead Massage Therapist with Spa Pampering At Home www.atspah.com/popupspa F: @spapamperingathome IG: @spapamperingathome T: @spapampering Article written by Kemi B and modified/edited by Ayodotun Rotimi Akinfenwa

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