This week, I continue sharing my lessons from the Master Your Money Programme… In case you missed part one, Click Here If you have read part one, please click to read more. Sharing a private joke with one of my dearest friends, Olamide Adeyemi at the event. Lanre  Olusola
  • Money is not physical, it is, in fact, a spirit. If you don’t have spiritual power you will not attract. Power only bows to power. If you don’t build spiritual power, there’s a level of wealth you won’t get to. All the money you will have, you will have in your spirit before you have it in the physical.
  • You live in heaven and visit here. The invisible things create the visible but you have been doing otherwise to your detriment.
  • The rich know to acquire social influence, spiritual influence by also getting involved in philanthropy- genuine giving away their resources to the poor.
  • 167 of the richest men  in the world have given away 50% of their wealth – in what they call the  Giving Pledge
  • Rich people live on less than they earn.
  • It is beliefs that makes a man wealthy, wealth responds to whom you believe you are.
  • A key question to ask yourself “If you continue they way you’ve been living, if you were money , would you be attracted to you?” Why won’t true wealth want to be associated with you?
Pastor Dami and The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola Stephen Akintayo
  • 90% of all millionaires become so by owning real estate.
  • You can’t claim you are wealthy unless you have real estate.
  • If you don’t have a piece of the earth you’re  a misfit of creation because you are running contrary to the word.
  • Start small, think big and go fast.
  • Real Estate is the only sure, tangible investment that can never depreciate, land will double its value in 10 years.
  • To build wealth, you need to utilize other people’s money.For every business idea you have, prepare a detailed plan in place and by the time you need the money, it will show up. Money is the last thing to worry about.
  • Rich men don’t eat alone, it should not be about you and your family  Are you helping others to be rich as well?  See bigger  and work harder.
  • Success is predictable; just mirror the steps of the people you want to be like, even if you take small steps. There’s no one you’re seeking to impress. Take roots downward so you can bear fruit upwards.
  • Let the love of physical money die.
  • Value people and relationships. Your Perceived Value plus your Actual Value equal Consistent Cash flow. Your perceived value is based  on your associations, some people will never believe in you till they see the people you associate with.
  • Learn to monetize the resources at your disposal…even your friendships
Pastor Dami and Stephen Akintayo Ideas on how to monetize your property
  • Update the property, renovate it .
  • Buy, renovate and resell
  • Set up a parking lot and charge for parking
  • Make Bed & Breakfast from it.
  • Host a student
  • Start a restaurant or any other business.
  • Start a joint venture using other people’s money.
  • Plant cash crops on the property.
Pastor Dami Oluwatoyinbo
  • Look for the giants in every business scenario,  and locate your sling and stone.
  • The giant in every industry is the problem everyone is running from.
  • Imagine a scenario where  one man is  carrying what in buckets from a location to another while a second man is busying building pipelines to transport water. What do you think will happen after a while? Are you carrying buckets or building pipelines.
6 Pillars Of Your Wealth Machine
  1. Motive: what causes you to act. Your why? Your purpose for it will determine your passion for it. A lot of people are interested in having a better life but   most are not committed. When it comes to money, we work from 3 dimensions: Greed, Need(causing you to beg or settle for less) and Creed(decisions you’ve  made over time).
  2. Mindset: Your set of beliefs and your worldview colour everything in your environment. The challenging thing about your mindset is that you carry it around. Your mind is your most important money making machine.  Your life goes in the direction of your thoughts. Ever wondered why a newborn usually comes head first? Or why pictures are taken of the head? Because its most important part of you. A mindset is formed over time and is reinforced by people, places and patterns.
  3. Methods
  4. Machines
  5. Marketing brings exponential exposure to your gift.
  6. Magnetism
Trust me friends, so much more was shared at this meeting but I leave you with some money myths we need to let go of once and for all. Money Myths
  • Money is all I need
  • Money brings happiness
  • It is very difficult to make money
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • The greatest blessing in my life is money
  • The  amount of money you have depends on how hard you work.
  • Money should be used to oppress people who have less.
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