Master Your Money with Dami Oluwatoyinbo

It was a positively draining day at the Master Your Money class with Dami Oluwatoyinbo, Lanre Olusola and Stephen Akintayo today. I say this not because it was tiring in that sense, it was, in fact, mind-blowing and mind boggling. My conclusion in the end, is that you need to get into that space that reveals your blind spots or ignorance to you. It will expand your mind, stretch and eventually move your life in an upward direction. That was exactly what happened today. This article was in fact quickly put together in class so I could publish this today.

Due to  my exhaustion as I post, I will only be able to share really tiny nuggets from the class today:.

  • If you don’t have a 6-months worth source of funds saved up and you are without any money-yielding investments, you are already in an emergency situation.
  • You can have a million ideas but still be a millionaire in debt, gifted but poor because you do not know the ‘how” to actualise your wealth.
  • Application is the bridge between Revelation and Manifestation.
  • Money leaves your pocket due to ignorance and it comes to you because of your knowledge. What problems are you solving? It’s no coincidence that  my other article today is about this. Solve several or serious problems, serious money comes your way.
  • There are fundamental principles money responds to… money is not your problem, its your mindset that’s the problem.
  • There are 4 dimensions to wealth.
  •  1. Health: 75 % of bankruptcy is due to ill-health. If you don’t have health, you will not be wealthy. What are you                       investing in your health? When last did you exercise and how many times a week do y? Do you know the age of your                       organs vs your age. Your health includes the Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological and Physical aspects of you.

          2.Cash: Many are working for  money when it’s supposed to be working for them. Money needs to work for you not the                      other way around. Money is supposed to be your slave. Your mind needs to grasp this.

           3. Social, Personal and Political Power. Money bows to power, the rich man uses money to get power. Power is                            measured in your social, influence and political and emotional quotient.

           4.Time. If you’ve wasted it, you wasted life, invest it wisely, it will give you returns. The wealthy man spends money to                        buy time, the poor will spend time to get money. The wealthy man takes his money and buys your time i.e employs                           you. He buys people’s time in order to generate more money for himself. What do you do with your life every 24                               hours? What are you doing every second of your life or day?

  • You need to understand the signs of the times where money and investment is concerned.Can you tap into the future? Do you understand the problems coming and  position yourself? Everyone is born with a “knower”, inner compass. You should see my interview with Lanre click here :
  • Your mind is your most important money making machine. Your life goes in the direction of your thoughts. Ever wondered why a newborn usually comes to the world head first? Or why pictures are taken of the head? Because it’s most important part of you.
  • What you learn influences what you earn.
  • There are 9 things you can do to change your life; identify :
    • 3 things you must stop doing regarding money or change
    • 3  things to start doing to effect change
    • 3 things currently working for you

 This is just a tip of the iceberg….To be continued


Love, Ayodotun

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