My 2016 WIMBIZ Annual Conference Experience – 5 expectations, 10 key highlights.

As promised, below are personal highlights and my take-outs from the Women in Business, Management and Public Service Annual Conference 2016, the 15th edition. Naturally, so much happened at the conference but these are my take outs.

Before the event, I shared a post on Instagram, please find it below:

Having recently embraced a Lifestyle/Career transition, I’m incredibly excited to attend the Wimbiz Conference this year. I have been at the conference a couple of times in the past, so I have an inkling of what to expect.
This year, however, there’s a shift in perspective, my expectations have been accelerated due to my current status and because I have become closer to this community of women of impact via the mentorship programme( my mentor, @folusog, is the best,by the way), the Roundtable sessions and of course, social media advocacy. The excitement in the air is palpable!
Here are 5 things guaranteed to happen to you and for you when you attend:

  1.  You build Knowledge, where you are today is directly connected with what you know. Knowledge of how to handle today’s        Workpace and business realities and so much more is sure to come your way!
  2.  Inspiration: Its going to come at you throughout via the sessions, the people and the environment. There’s so much more to    this life and so much more you can achieve. Soak it all in!
  3. Networking . You will meet women from all walks of life, your business breakthrough/Clients/Contacts/destiny helpers, in all  shapes and sizes… embrace every chance to connect.
  4. Acceleration: If you are wise, you will sow seeds for collaborations and partnerships which will catapult you to the next level at  the conference, share your ideas!
  5. Refresh: It’s a chance to step out of everyday hustle, have some fun and recalibrate your spirit soul and body. My guess is, every  woman, needs that from time to time!


Post Event…..

Of course, the incredible networking, reconnecting and discoveries were incredible, so were the impactful conversations, unlimited “selfies” and “famzing”; however, I will spare you all that and will share some of the, perhaps random, things that were said or that happened which spoke to me the most (compressed, of course):

  1. Gender Parity is in fact beyond waiting for Economic or Political empowerment for women, those are stale discussions. Women need to strategically position themselves to be assets on a global scale especially in economy and government. There are gaps in the economy due to lack of equal representation. Nobody will hand power and influence to you, you need to take it by building capacity.
  2. In this season, the nature of work and business has changed due to technology advancement, you cannot expect to do things the same. Instead of a Brick and Mortar model, can you sell your goods online to minimize your cost of business and be found easily by your target market?There’s a totally new and better way of doing business, if only we leveraged on technology, E.g using drones to survey farmland or sensors to measure level of moisture in soil on your land, sensors to measure the number  of customers who come to your office daily.
  3. Nigeria is the most religious country in the world so many of us still believe we don’t need insurance services. The insurance company needs to change the way they do business, possibly get pastoral advocacy?!
  4. In order to find your “happy” in life, you need to start with yourself. Spend time with yourself, treat yourself well, hold meetings with yourself and make positive affirmations to yourself. Check out my previous article on that by following this link http: //
  5. 5 signs of self esteem issues include: procrastination, fear of rejection, negative self-talk, materialism, the need to express your accomplishments to validate yourself, valuing others’ options more than your own. Check yourself.
  6. There are so many women in business sectors or professions that you will never believe, even mining! You have no excuse regarding what you hope to do, its been done already. Go out and do what you need to do.
  7. Business models have changed today, its less about hierarchy and more about flat structures and empowering your team to do their jobs and share innovative, entrepreneurial ideas. Its becoming harder to plan for 5-10 years due to the swiftly changing world around us, you must be able to think on your feet as a business owner or leader.
  8. The way forward, in these economics is to ensure that each employee has specific value they are bringing to the business for their good and their employers.
  9. I’ve heard the statement “don’t sit with your friends at such an event”; not entirely true! You can re-network with them based on what you are doing right now and reap the benefits, I know I did. Catch up with your friends and make new ones.
  10. I’m not crazy for wanting more out of life and being bored  with my life. I was so very  glad when Bolanle Austen Peters described passionately, how bored she was as a lawyer. I’m not where I was last year  when I attended the conference simply because I took their advice.
  11. And lastly, and my favourite, there’s so much you don’t know about the world around you. So much to learn about Governance, Charity, Advocacy and Business. It’s ironic but conferences should leave us thirsty to know and discover more.

By Ayodotun Rotimi-Akinfenwa.

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