My encounter with stroke… Part 2

I lay on the hospital bed for another two days without any form of movement, but I was in constant pain. At some point, I felt an itch on my left leg, the itch moved up my feet, to my ankle, and then all the way to my thighs, it kept moving up, until I felt it on my side, and then I felt it in the palm of my hands, through my finger.

I couldn’t make out words, so I grunted until my wife heard me, she asked what was wrong, I kept grunting and tried to move, while darting my eyes to my left, she followed my eyes with worry, but eventually out of instinct began rubbing my left side, from my shoulder all the way down, and suddenly she saw my toe twitch, she screamed for me to do it again, and I was able to, I felt so relieved, at least that was a good sign.

It turned out that my whole right side was affected, from my right eye all the way down to my right leg, there was no feeling, no movement, I couldn’t see out of my right eye, I couldn’t hear anything out of my right ear, I couldn’t not move any part of my right side, I was constantly depressed and frustrated, but my family kept encouraging me. They made jokes and tried to cheer me up but I was in no mood for jokes; I got angry at my condition, the worst part was that I couldn’t speak up, I could not express myself, so I resorted to crying. Yes, I cried a lot, then depression set in, I saw myself as half a man, and there were nights when I considered death as an option.

Something happened one day, my daughter came to visit me in the hospital, she hadn’t seen me since I collapsed, she witnessed everything, and immediately she walked in, she came to my bedside. She kissed me on my cheeks and reminded me I promised to take the training wheels off her bike and teach her to ride, my eyes filled with tears, and I nodded and smiled at her. That day, I saw my wife and kids in my room, laughing and trying so hard to act normal, and there, I decided I was going to beat this for them and for myself, everything they had gone through and were still going through would not be in vain.

As the days went by, I started making attempts to speak, taking one word after another, my physio and speech therapists are awesome people, very patient and supportive, my 5yr old son, learned how to finish my sentences, I thank God for giving me such brilliant children.

I am out of the hospital, thank God, managing HBP and going to various sessions of physiotherapy, my motor skills are improving, the brain swelling is reducing considerably, I sleep better now and I don’t forget as often as I used to, my speech is not 100% yet, but it’s much better than how it was when my journey started.

These days I have improved movement on my left, my right side is catching up gradually, I can see better thanks to prescription lenses.

The journey has not been easy, some days are better than others, but at least I have days, days to correct lots of mistakes made, days to tell loved ones I love them, more days to be the best I can be.

I have been given a second chance; I don’t plan on misusing it.

I shared this to help, I don’t know who might be reading this, but I hope my story helps you in some way.

Arome Ameh (AKA The Priest)

Arome Ameh is a former Banker turned Screen Writer/Producer/Blogger. He has written/produced both True Life/Fictional Stories/documentaries Via his blog and on TV/Youtube.

Arome Ameh is a former Banker turned Screen Writer/Producer/Blogger. He has written/produced both True Life/Fictional Stories/documentaries Via his blog and on TV/Youtube.

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  1. My encounter with stroke is a good read for men and women; life is too short to waste. Through the hustle and bustle though, we must stop to take care of ourselves. We are all we’ve got. As a registered nurse, my advice is stay on top of your health by getting at least a yearly physical, men above 40 should be on aspirin regimen as recommended by MD due to increase cardiovascular event risk and other factors, maintain a healthy weight and above all be HAPPY.

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