Events, in whatever shape, size or form, always put me on muse mode. And I’m not just talking parties, red carpet gigs and all that- occurrences generally have that effect on me. I wonder: What exactly is this event about? Why did this happen? Why did it happen to this person? Was this meant to happen? What brought this about? What are the underlying factors in this scenario? When is this going to happen next? You know, stuff like that. Yesterday, India Arie at the Sax Appeal event was no different. Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love this woman. Her Voice, Lyrics and Aura are soulful, uplifting and healing. She’s the Truth when you are talking music. So, it was no wonder that I was unable to keep calm yesterday but you see, I was on muse mode throughout. So, these are the truths I was reminded of yesterday night. These are really things we know but we need to remind ourselves from time to time that:
  • The best thing you can do with yourself is to really find your place and your voice in this world. After soulfully delivering a couple of her hits, India reiterated her life’s purpose on stage, which is to spread love, healing, peace and joy through her music. She has discovered and run with this cause for a long time and it has put her on a world stage and caused us all to adore her. As we sang along happily, I saw I wasn’t the only one around here whose heart had been perpetually warmed by her message to the world. We, all, brought the  love and joy she had shared with us many times and exuded them right back to her .
  • One of the highpoints of the night was how she brought a few Nigerian songsters up on stage to sing with her. For all of them, it will remain one of most surreal moments of their professional lives- Isaac Geralds, Nosa, Nikki  etc. They were able to showcase what they had and of course it was a lot of a pressure! I’m surprised none of them passed out. My second lesson…Consistency and Preparation must always be intact to meet with Opportunity.
  • She also appreciated Nigerian music and performed a couple of recent songs which, judging from the  respective social media posts of artistes involved this morning, meant the world to each of  them. Each one of these artistes have come a mighty long way and this is an endorsement in a class of its own -likely unmatched by those from Blue chip brands? Of course, it’s a big deal! Again, Consistency is the name of the game if your moment will come.
  • Lastly for now, no matter how great your gift is, it will not be appreciated by all. You are not Jesus Christ sent to save all. You are sent to a cause or a specific set of people so not all will acknowledge you. Couldn’t get over how many seats were empty. The story would have been the opposite if it was Olamide or Whizkid- not trying to diss their hustle oh but it is what it is. This is no shade on India as well. It just goes to reinforce the fact that she’s sent to her ‘’soulbirds’’ as she loves to call us and that’s all there is to it. It did not in any way diminish the import of her message for a second. This Grammy Award winning amazon will forever be on tour even if she remains non-mainstream.
Well, there you have it…my thoughts for now. Well done Bros Mike Aremu - we appreciate your work even with the logistics drama involved with this set up. Sax Appeal was money well spent!


June 28, 2016


Very nice article. Great reminders.

July 15, 2016


thanks babay!

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