A wedding is a special event that deserves to have a lot of money spent on it. However, you don’t have to be wealthy to get wed. For those on a tight budget, there are ways to cut costs whilst still giving your day that sense of luxury and lavishness that every wedding should have. Here are a few key tips to stick to a tight budget.   Plan ahead You don’t want to be planning a wedding with six months to spare. Leave yourself a year or even two years to plan and you’ll be able to save up more money and pay for things in smaller instalments. It may prevent you having to take out a big loan, which will have you entering married life in heavy debt. Time it right Most wedding industry professionals will charge more in the summer. This is when demand is greater. Getting married out of season could allow you to take advantage of promotions and discounts. May and September are just out of season but generally still hot, so you’ll still get the sun. Morning and mid-week wedding ceremonies are also cheaper than afternoon weekend ceremonies. Prepare enough in advance and your guests will be able to book time off. Spend less on the small details Professional may charge a lot for some of the smaller wedding details. Shop around for companies that provide budget alternatives such as cheap wedding invitations or budget wedding décor. With features such as flowers, many will get sucked into buying loads of flowers to sprinkle around the venue. A single huge flower feature (and maybe a single bouquet and lapel flowers for tradition’s sake) will be more noticeable and will cost you less. Use your social circle You may not have to pay professionals for some jobs. A friend or family member may be a DJ or a good cake baker or a photographer or a stylist. They may be able to do a discount price or even offer their work to you for free. Use your network first before looking for professionals – remember to still seek samples of their work beforehand so that you don’t end up with amateurish photos or a half-baked cake. Sell unwanted wedding paraphernalia afterwards You may be able to sell some of the paraphernalia from your wedding day afterwards to other married-couples-to-be. This could include wedding decorations such as lighting and ceiling drapes. There may be unwanted gifts that you can sell (you should still be courteous and thank your guests for these). Then of course there’s controversial question of what to do with your dress. Most people will keep onto this item out of sentimentality only to let it gather dust in the back of a wardrobe. You could sell it on to another bride-to-be and get some money back for what you spent. Just remember to pay to get it professionally cleaned first as nobody will want to pay for a dress with red wine stains on it.  

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