Right Paint,Right War…


So we decided to “capture” our Beauty contributor Darliza Makeovers, and two everyday women to have a fun, mini shoot. This shoot was to portray the right kinds of looks for the different settings we have to be at from time to time as regular women. Not every time bling, bling, lol. Sometimes subtle and sweet, yet other times, go nuts with that with lippie.

Emmystyle Signature was also on hand to whip up fab and appropriate hairstyles to go with the looks on our ladies.

It was a good chance to give you guys some eye candy. Enjoy, and pls tell us your favourite look!

Makeover by Darliza Makeovers

Instagram @darlizamakeovers


Hair by Emmystyle Signature

Instagram @emmystylesignature


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  1. Nice. Ladies need to realize that skin colour and occassion should determine what kind of makeup to wear. Not going to your 9to5 job looking like a stripper going to a night club. Nice job darliza, a certain former first lady should have used your services.#AintNamingNames😜

    1. lollllllzzz, you’re hilarious. Thats really the point of the video, there’s a right way to make up for various occasions, just as there’s a right way to dress.

  2. Hmmmmmm…. Definition of coolness, I just learnt how to draw an office eye brow lol….. It’s really so cool thanks for this one

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