The Secret Ingredients That Make a Fantastic Blog

Blogging is something that everyone can do, but few can master. After all, much like any other creative endeavour, it takes an incredible amount of experience and passion in order to succeed. Luckily, you can cut down on a lot of the work involved by learning the secret ingredients that make a good blog.

Picking the right host to ensure uptime


The content you deliver needs to be given the most exposure possible, and people can’t read your content if it’s not available. Check on MangoMatter is a good place to start when looking for hosts that are capable of giving you good prices, the best uptime and plenty of additional features that will contribute to a successful blog. Without a good host keeping your content available 24/7, you’ll ultimately fail as a blog.I personally use Word Press while others swear by Blogger, Medium, SquareSpace etc’


Producing quality content that encourages interaction


Your content is what you ultimately sell to your readers. Good content gives you a steady stream of viewers whereas bad content and click bait titles will ruin your reputation as a blogger. Consistent content that is full of quality will give you a good reputation and it helps with your credibility. If you’re producing content that your readers can get involved with, such as thought-provoking topics or asking questions, then you’re more likely to see repeat viewers instead of one-time visitors that don’t stay around for long. You want to convert people into regular viewers, and you can only do this with quality content.


Using social media to grow your brand


Growing your brand is done with a combination of Social Media and other platforms to create awareness. If you’re not promoting your brand, then you’re not going to see more viewers. Word of mouth can only get you so far, and if you have no presence on the internet then you’re not going to get more viewers. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter even Linkedin are perfect for growing your brand, so make sure you utilise them to the fullest. A fantastic way to grow your social media presence is to host giveaways which can


Guest blogging and working with other companies


When you’re just a small blogger, you need to work with larger bloggers to get attention and build up an audience. Networking in blogging is incredibly important, and a great way to reach a new audience is to work with other bloggers or companies. For instance, you can ask brands to give you products to review or you can work together with other content creators (YouTubers, etc) to extend your reach. It takes a lot of social skills to get this right and you also need to utilise social media, but with a little work, you’ll find yourself surrounded by many different opportunities that you can use to grow your blog.


The technical side that you can’t ignore


While blogging is mainly a creative endeavour, you can’t ignore the technical side of blogging which involves installing plugins, managing your website and picking the correct web host. There’s a lot of technical details that need to be explored if you want to host a stable blog, and you may need a little experience with software development and website design if you want to make the most of your blogging venture or simply hire an expert so you can focus on Content Creation.


Your purpose in blogging


What is the purpose of your blog? This seems like a silly question, but it ultimately determines how you treat your blog. Is your blog an extension of your business or another website you own? Perhaps your blog is an online representation of your ideas, or maybe you want to blog about a certain industry or you are out , simply, to make money. Your entire approach to blogging depends on your WHY.


Some final words


These aren’t the only tips that can make your blog a fantastic one, but they’ll go a long way and should serve as the foundation of any blog that you create in the future. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is how passionate you are about what you do. Writing and Content Creation is ultimately something that will take a long time to perfect and everyone has their own style. The purpose of your blog should relate to how you produce your content, and the subject matter should be something you are intimately familiar with. This will give you the edge you need in order to create a meaningful blog that can attract users and retain their interest.



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