Our Core Services

Take your brand from GENERIC to MAGNETIC.

Brand Identity

We create Brand Identity (Logos and complete manuals & visual assets for young and mature brands


We create strategic marketing plans to address specific brand or marketing challenges.

Creative Designs/Communication Materials

Campaigns come with visually striking visuals and exciting copy designed to cause a brand to come alive.

Digital Marketing/ Social Media/Online PR

We create and manage Content & Engagement strategies to drive our client’s visibility across social media and other online channels.


Every business needs content footprints to build their reputation. Content Strategy extends beyond social media. Press Releases, Sponsored articles, Company Profiles Proposals, Videos and Music Jingles are a few of your content assets and they are our specialty.  


We train companies, entrepreneurs and their staff on the subjects of Branding, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer Service, Content Creation and Graphic design.

Other Services

We do more than just serving you.


Brand -

Every brand is built on the foundation of solid strategy. Let’s provide you the clarity and direction you need.


Brand &
Project Management

You need someone with the expertise to put your strategy to work and execute. Execution is everything whether it’s a campaign, an event, a production or a social cause.


What Our Customers Say

  • “ Contacting Lifestylehues has been one of the highlights for my brand in 2018. I thank God for that decision to go with lifestylehues when I was searching for a brand company. Of all the companies I contacted, you were so swift in responding to my messages. Even though at the time, I suffered from crappy network in Zanzibar, you made communication seamless. After I briefed you on what I wanted , you took the vision and ran with it because you are outstanding like that. Even my husband said " it's as if Lifestylehues saw what was on your mind" Working with you these past few months have been absolutely rewarding for my brand and business. Your prompt response to projects, the willingness to go over and beyond to help sort out things, your positive attitude, your heart is gold and I think you should have a mentoring class for people so they can learn what makes you stand out as a business person. I look forward to the training session by Lifestylehues for my team members in January. ”

    Elizabeth Adejumobi

    Aymie Staffing Solutions
  • “ Thank you so much for being an indispensable resource. Time after time you were very patient with my high and overbearing demands You have such an uncanny ability to capture my intent and dream and visualize it the Growvest logo. Then, the brand knowledge you taught me has made a brand guru and these days, I ask "why don’t you have a brand manual from every person I meet.. Your work is simply Amazing… ”

    Senami Johnson

    Founder Growvest

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