Sunnydale School at 20 brings nostalgic feelings!


Sunnydale School is 20! I remember when I heard Sunnydale School opened in 1997, I secretly wished I could attend but  it was too late as I was in secondary school at the time!Decades later and with my daughter attending as a preschooler, I can’t help but smile at how life works out sometimes. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Enjoy!

Sunnydale School, established on the 1st of June 1997, and dedicated on the 12th of August 1997 remains one of few Nursery & Primary schools that has been around for a while and still maintains her high standards. The 31st of October 1997 saw an accreditation visit from the Lagos State Ministry of Education, officers of the Inspectorate Directorate and Curriculum Directorate went through the school records with a fine-tooth comb and the accreditation sailed through successfully. I could whip up the long list of the school’s accomplishments in the past two decades but will keep it simple.

I remain a sucker for inspiring stories and just had to tell this one after being a part of the nostalgic 20th anniversary celebrations attended by grown alumni already making waves, listening to all the citations from parents and teachers alike.

A glimpse of the Anniversary celebrations with parents and pupils in traditional attire. Spot me in the picture

Sunnydale  Schoool continues to deliver excellent and modern education at  tuition fees that, in my opinion, are extremely reasonable, in fact, it’s a case of getting more value for less. I’m sure most Sunnydale parents will agree with me.

Grandma Sunnydale, as she is fondly called, was a Senior Civil servant for decades before she started the Sunnydale School with a desire  to  contribute her quota to the Education sector. Mrs Folake Oshisanya (she doesn’t know I’m doing this by the way) is like a second mom to me, has been for decades.

Needless to say that I have complete confidence every time I drop my 3-year old off as I daily see the fruits of their labour when she hits another cognitive and developmental milestone. From a Sunnydale fan of many years and Sunnydale parent, my heart is full of so much joy to be a part of this milestone achieved. Cheers to many more iconic years!

A lot of the Alumni are grown and making their teachers proud, here’s what some have to say;

I graduated from Sunnydale in year 2006.
I finished from Indiana institute of technology in December of 2016 and moved back to Nigeria. I am currently working as a legislative aide to the leader of the House of Representatives.

  • Adim Akpapunam


Alumnus Adim Akpapunam in 2007,  Standing (2nd from the left)

Adim today.


Sunnydale at 20. How time flies! There are so many classic stories I could tell about my experience in Sunnydale for the 7-8 years that I was there. From playgroup through nursery section and on to Primary School. From the one where my parents forgot me at school till 9pm, to the one where I shawed up hair completely shaven and wished I could disappear, and even the one where I got Mrs Ade Fakoya to stand over me and provide shade while I played in the sand. She never lets me forget that one though. I had many memorable big experiences throughout my time at Sunnydale School but some of the most impactful lesson are the ones little that have followed me throughout the years post Sunnydale. They seemed like small things then but over the years, they have become keystone behaviours useful for life. Lessons such as how to pronounce certain words, how to write, how to ask properly when you want something, how to enjoy reading, and so on. They are unarguably the foundation on which my character has been built on. I’m presently in the University of Bath, studying Architectural Engineering and I believe that Sunnydale laid the groundwork for me to be the diverse and fairly rounded student that I am. slowly learning and building on the French that Monsieur Patrick taught me, and being the Braveheart in sports as well. Congratulations to Sunnydale@20. I wish I was there today, but no worries. I will keep the flag flying here and onwards. Editing this while eating lunch (A true representation of a University Student)

  • Aniong Kufre-Ekanem, Bath, England

Alumna Aniong now


Alumna Aniong back in the day
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