Master Your Money with Dami Oluwatoyinbo

It was a positively draining day at the Master Your Money class with Dami Oluwatoyinbo, Lanre Olusola and Stephen Akintayo today. I say this not because it was tiring in that sense, it was, in fact, mind-blowing and mind boggling. My conclusion in the end, is that you need to get into that space that reveals your blind spots or ignorance to you. It will expand your mind, stretch and eventually move your life in an upward direction. That was exactly what happened today. This article was in fact quickly put together in class so I could publish this today.

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So I literally just arrived from a brief time out at the Free Conference organized by Jimi Tewe today February 25th, 2017. I could only steal away 2 hours from my toddler to attend this (the life of a mom!) I’m going to share my take-outs in bite sizes as I usually do.

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3 most important components of your Personal or Corporate brand…Ifeoma Williams

I’m kind of addicted to the monthly Wimbiz (Women in, Business, Management and Public Service) Roundtable… and the last one I just had to attend, not just for the networking this time, but the Subject: Rebrand and Reboot? I’m all for that this time of year, besides I can talk branding for hours. The speaker sealed the deal for me…Ifeoma Williams! I just had to make time to out of a crazy working week to be there!

As a Communications, Image and Style consultant, she aptly discussed the subject of branding putting it into context and focusing on personal and business brands. Below are the highlights that stood out for me as promised.

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Here’s the surest way to make good money…

Yes, I know you’re reading this because of the headline. You’re not alone. People ask this question a lot: How do I make money? The answer is very simple. Problems. It’s as simple as that. It’s universally accepted that this life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad times. And even more interesting, is the fact that both good and bad times pose respective challenges or problems. In other words, there are good problems and there are bad ones. At any rate, those problems needs solutions and providing those solutions is the only way to make money.

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Are they really feeling your brand…?

Have you ever wondered why you buy any of those things you desire? Ever wondered exactly why you want them in the first place? Why do you want that car? Why do you want to live in that part of town? Why must you fly with that airline? These questions even apply to the little things…Why do you want that particular meal? Why do you want that brand of shaving cream? Why would you buy that brand of milk?

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Uche Nnaji, Ouch boss on what it really takes…

I had known  him from my days back in Unilag, I was a freshman, he was a final year student who loved to sing! As destiny would have it, he went on to be one of the biggest names in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry in Nigeria.

During one of my most recent encounters with him, I knew I just had to interview him when he spoke (for what have been the umpteenth time for him) about the power of branding and how it relates to perception and eventually , your success. This happened at a workshop and he was kind enough to grant an interview to Lifestyle hues, to share snippets of his story (we really could go on for weeks if we were to get in his full story)

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