10 lessons on my mind this season…

I started this blog for a number of reasons, first because I wanted to create a platform of my own on which share my ideas with the world, lend my voice to issues and such. With time, it grew into a platform that carried more than my voice, I started to curate content. In the end, I seek to inspire, encourage, remind and possibly jolt someone in a good way or even make you smile. This is why you will find interviews, stories and a myriad of positive content on the blog.

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Business & Life Lessons from the 2017 Wimbiz Annual Lecture …with Mo Abudu

Photo Credit:Wimbiz

So, it was International Women’s day this past week and the week was loaded with countless events, conferences and more to support the womenfolk. It was the perfect time for the Wimbiz (Women in Business, Management & Public Service) Annual Lecture. As one who also never misses the Wimbiz Round Table meetings and with Key note speaker being Mo Abudu, CEO Ebony Life TV, the date was on lock down for me.

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A Valentine of memories, love and eternity…7 reminders we all need

It’s been such an emotional time for this blogger. A time for memories and certainly not what you think you. This time, its not about the flowers, cake, chocolate and colours, oh no. This time, I’m reminded of mortality.

It’s been three years since my dad died  and a vibrant young man(Eric Arubayi), a family friend, died exactly a week ago. These two occasions and the memories they hold shut me down for days.

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