Yemi Alade, on how she started, her music and the road to success.

Merry Christmas y’all. I trust you and your family are doing well in spite of the fuel hassle. Here’s a little something to take your minds off everything and encourage you, we all go through tough times. Went through my own hassle to make this happen and I trust someone will connect with her incredible story. Do enjoy and please leave a comment!

Feliz Navidad!





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Nathaniel Bassey – The story of a man after God’s heart, his Music & the Hallelujah Challenge

The Hallelujah Challenge (like the Tongue challenge) started “innocently” and before mid June, had become a revolution that  even its Convener (Nathaniel Bassey) did not envisage. Many hearts were  drawn to heartfelt worship of God. But none of it was a surprise to me really. I’d seen his service  and heart  for God over 12 years ago when I attended at The City of David and UNILAG back in the day. I was privileged to catch up with him at our Song 23 Studios just after he recorded his vocals for the Olowogbogboro Anthem. Enjoy.

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Nikki Laoye; The eclectic Soul Diva on her Faith, her Music, her Passions

She is one of the most eclectic personalities you will come across in the Nigerian Entertainment industry, and is certainly on the list of the most hardworking and industrious. From the formidable ministry altars to influential mainstream platforms, she remains an exceptional all-rounder. Few people have been able to match her consistency and versatile propensities.

Pls enjoy my interview with Nikki Laoye.

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The World, Your Stage

How many times has this been said? Too many, but have we ever stopped to think it through, maybe? I dare say this is one of the highest truths ever. Out of life’s many realities and the discoveries of man, this is a unique “revelation”.

What exactly does this mean anyway? I, for one, believe that everyone is a star. Everyone. Hollywood is just a place lucky enough to have the physical spotlight thrown on them. They have got the literal meaning of the stage down but every day and in every way, we, as individuals have something we have an extraordinary ability to do.

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