My evening with Tara Fela Durotoye and other power women… key highlights in case you missed it

As you may have gathered from following this blog, I love events. But you see, not just any event will do, in fact I can be lazy about attending events. My friends know they really can’t count on me to attend the parties and events they invite me to. The catch is usually, what value is this event going to add to my life? Or what value is my presence going to add? If there’s no solid answer to that question, I’m a “no show”.

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3 most important components of your Personal or Corporate brand…Ifeoma Williams

I’m kind of addicted to the monthly Wimbiz (Women in, Business, Management and Public Service) Roundtable… and the last one I just had to attend, not just for the networking this time, but the Subject: Rebrand and Reboot? I’m all for that this time of year, besides I can talk branding for hours. The speaker sealed the deal for me…Ifeoma Williams! I just had to make time to out of a crazy working week to be there!

As a Communications, Image and Style consultant, she aptly discussed the subject of branding putting it into context and focusing on personal and business brands. Below are the highlights that stood out for me as promised.

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Guest Post: 5 Dress types for that last minute dash out of the house!

I am a multi tasker, in every sense of the word. I have numerous things i have to do daily and my days tend to run very fast. Mornings are the fastest for me as I find myself, laying out my look of the day, at the same time I begin to add curls to my shirt hair. Can anyone else relate to this? haha

In a bid to look good at all times, I constantly invest in one piece garments, specifically dresses that can serve as a full outfit and save me the stress of calculating a three pieces look like shirt, trousers and blazer. So if you’re a “running out of the house last minute” person just like me, all you need is some inspiration which is why I have curated five dress types to help you get ready in a flash.

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How to shop right, especially in these times.

I doubt there exists a woman on earth whose ears doesn’t perk at the mention of shopping. We all like to shop, well almost all of us; and you should see ladies coming out of stores armed with bags and looking utterly victorious (they just won the war of bargaining, Lol!). I love a good buy, it is almost therapeutic but the major issue of every shopping spree is – I hear you Ladies – the cash, especially these days.

Keeping up with the latest trends can be mighty exhausting on you and your ATM, the hard truth is, trends evolve, as quickly as can be. Splurging on an item here or there will not immediately break the bank, but week after week and months on, they all add up, as will your bills and debts. Want to exude style without dipping into your reserves? Here’s how:

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