I was confident. Fearless. Beautiful. Strong. Social.  I was, I was a size 6 UK wearing lady. Life was amazing and colorful and nothing could, possibly, go wrong, or so I thought. To further convince me of this was the tall, dark and handsome gentleman whose attention I caught. No surprise when he put a ring on it. A little bit  down the road,  I find myself pregnant, expecting twins with a bump as far as the eyes could see. What was happening? My body was changing, and so were my clothes. All of a sudden, I lacked confidence; I did not feel beautiful, I surely was not strong and social as I used to be. Give me a break. I vividly remember not being able to wear clothes that have bands because they were just too uncomfortable. No clingy clothes because... use your imagination. In my pregnancy days, I simply could not find a pregnancy dress that was not ugly or shapeless. It was just not happening. This development caused pressure. This tree of pressure translated into me not wanting to go out – at all. A very long branch also sprouted in the form of constant nagging and whining that my husband had to swallow like a bitter pill. It was startling to us that such a trivial issue was having a colossal effect on my social, marital and Christian life. Thankfully, the bundles of joy (my children) arrived. This however, was not without taking a toll on Mama’s body. “Your body will go back to normal”, they said. “You need to exercise and you will see wonders”, they said. Well, what does this mean for those of us who were are not given to any form of exercise? I will tell you what that meant. It meant that our bodies have not snapped back to what it was or even close. Something had to be done, and it had to be done fast. Not finding a solution without, I had to look within to discover what I had been searching for, for the longest time. You see, I had learnt how to make dresses from my mother at a very young age and what better time to put this to effect than now? So, I made dresses that satiated my every need. I made dresses that hugged and pronounced the right areas, at the same time neglected the reprehensible. I made dresses that made an atheist believe in God long enough to say “damnit !”, without towing the line of indecency. I made faultless dresses.   I had no long-term plan of creating a brand, affecting lives or chasing a lucrative venture. All, I desired to do was feel comfortable in my own skin once again, and for that period, that was all I did. Wearing these dresses I made in and around my immediate environment, I got an array of comments as well as requests to direct the admirers in the direction of the store that sold the clothes. To their surprise, they were already there. So I channeled my inner entrepreneur and started the brand we all know and love – Faultless Sparkles. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=326GuwE7vho[/embed]   This birth-child has catered to the needs of many. One of which is a mother who had a school graduation, one-year-old party and church meeting, all in the same day. With a Happy dress, she was able to transit from one occasion to the other, commuting from one part of town to the other. The beauty of the dresses is that you do not feel under dressed or over dressed for any occasion. Also able to testify to this was a frantic and distressed newly pregnant woman who was looking for a stylish piece she was comfortable in to wear to church. These were the exact shoes I walked in a few years before her, and was more than happy to restore her regality, elegance and confidence.
My desire and pursuit for self-fulfillment and aesthetic expression led to the birth of something monumental. Here I was, with a brand that was and still is creating comfortable yet stylish pieces for today’s woman regardless of her age, body weight, stature or marital status. The idea behind the brand is to help the woman be all she can be and do all she can do, with the utmost comfort. So today with my birth-child, I am elegant, beautiful, strong, confident, comfortable, social, bold and a mother. I am Faultless Sparkles.
Faultless Sparkles creates exquisite Semi-Precious Jewellery, Ready -to-wear comfort clothing for every day woman as well as elegant turbans.
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