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My name is Ayodotun Rotimi-Akinfenwa and this is my blog.  I’m a “conservative rebel”, a child of God, a wife and mother. I’m also an AD woman turned Music Business Manager, Writer, Blogger, Brand Consultant for SMEs, Content Creative-in short a Creative Entrepreneur. I’m a bit of an extroverted introvert so it always depends on the AY you meet per time.
Until recently, I was just an AD-woman (advertising practitioner) working on some of internationally acclaimed brands till I perceived my creativity would be valued much more elsewhere hence this and a number of other things to be revealed soon. I think in pictures, colours and shapes and like people who know me always say, I’m restless and always looking for the next big thing. It would all go to waste if I didn’t channel that into something good, right? You should try it too; it’s liberating!

I believe in purpose, no matter how weird yours is. I believe in pursuing it, hard.It’s the whole reason why you are here or you’re a waste (in Chigurl’s voice). God gave you something to offer, present or showcase, you’re better off sticking with that whether you are a Christian or not. That’s where you will ‘’hammer’’ spiritually, financially and emotionally and you’ll be in a position to help others with their roles too. There’s nowhere to go but up from there. This belief, shows up in all I write or showcase.

I started because of my love for writing and on the way, I discovered a couple of other things too. It’s the same blog, just re-branded and improved visually and content wise.  You can also check out my page on Brand Strategy services for SMEs here BrandSolutionsPage

Send me a mail on copying, thats’ if you want to leave constructive feedback, wanna collaborate or do business.

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