The God In Real Life Conference…A Monday well spent


The God In Real Life Conference which held on Monday, December 5, 2016 was time well-spent. In a world that’s most difficult and full of hustle and bustle, it was indeed an atmosphere to renew our minds, refresh our spirits and recharge our batteries.

It was an intimate and heartfelt gathering of women of various age groups, a forum to re-connect with God via worship, discussions and small group interactions. Subjects of God’s love, acceptance by and intimacy with God as well as self worth, social media effects on us were discussed.

The event kicked off with the convener, Esther Longe, welcoming the guests, she took time to share on her walk with God as well as personal struggles and how this event came about.

As the Keen observer that I am, I noted key highlights from each speaker’s presentation.


Bunmi George, the CEO of Shredder Gang.

  • She shared on her journey in finding God and finding herself, which reminds me that everyone is going through stuff which they can get over with God’s help.
  • If we doubt His goodness, we’ll doubt His love and if we doubt His love, we’ll doubt His promises.
  • We need to move from head knowledge to heart knowledge where God is concerned because He gets a lot of bad rep. He’s good and He wants you to know it for yourself.

After such a passionate presentation, we knelt and lay before God with our individual issues and were prayed with.


Lanre Olusola, The Catalyst

  • Spoke on the subject, Woman, You are a RUBY – Priceless!!
  • A woman is a person bearing two X chromosomes, has a vagina, uterus and an ovary, breasts, hips and the list continues. Many look at her physicality, portraying her as an object, especially in the media. And what we behold constantly is what we become and so, many women are trying to conform to that identity.
  • But, you are not those things. It’s not about how you look, it’s about who you are. The real you is invisible, the real is invincible. So who are you?
  • In answering this, we need to ask the One who created you. The world did not create you and shouldn’t define or label you – Gen 2:15-24.What does God say about you? Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies – Prov 31:10
  • A ruby is a red pink gemstone considered one of the four most precious stones in existence. Its price is determined by colour i.e. its redness. The blood red ruby commands a huge premium.
  • The most expensive rubies are the Burmese rubies, with the world’s most expensive ruby ever, sold at an auction so far. The Sunrise Ruby selling at over $1Million per carat ($30.3Million).
  • The Burmese Ruby is pleasantly shaped, has different shades of red, with exception degrees of transparency.
  • It is spectacular and extraordinary
  • It is mined, you cant find it anywhere
  • It’s extremely rare.
  • It is pleasantly shaped and finely proportioned
  • It provides many reflections of love
  • It is exceptionally transparent
  • It is a richly saturated homogenous, shiny red gemstone
  • So, why were you compared to a Ruby? In Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman had 47 characteristics and virtues. The Burmese ruby has 47 carats which is no co-incidence:
  1. Rare
  2. Kind
  3. Bold
  4. Gifted
  5. Patient
  6. Selfless
  7. Diligent
  8. Prudent
  9. Resilient
  10. Beautiful in and out
  11. Charming
  12. Grateful
  13. Persistent
  14. Trustworthy
  15. Responsible
  16. Compassionate
  17. Wise
  18. Joyful
  19. Happy
  20. Loving
  21. Tranquil
  22. Discreet
  23. Peaceful
  24. Priceless
  25. Excellent
  26. Visionary
  27. Discerning
  28. Productive
  29. Purposeful
  30. Provider
  31. Enterprising
  32. Understanding
  33. Free
  34. Secure
  35. Humble
  36. Fulfilled
  37. Content
  38. Strong
  39. Sensitive
  40. God fearing
  41. Dignified
  42. Spiritually, Emotional, Psychologically and Physically balanced
  43. Confident
  44. Respectful
  45. Passionate
  46. Honourable
  47. Homebuilder and keeper.
  • However, there is one powerful virtue that encapsulates all the 47. That virtue is love, which has 11 key expressions from 1 Corinthians 13 (Kindness, Selflessness, gratefulness, wisdom, loving, provider, enterprising, strong, God-fearing, honourable, homebuilder)
  • Therefore, like the Ruby, you should be mined. Those virtues are lying dormant within you. You can’t find a ruby on the streets, it’s got to be mined. Go to work!


We ended  the session with “The Love Affirmation”, warm hugs among delegates and “I love you” declarations.




Omilola Oshikoya, Founder of the Do It Afraid movement.

Omilola Oshikoya’s session began with a worship session after which she shared. See highlights below.

  • You attract who you are.
  • To find love, you must celebrate yourself, do things for yourself and understand that the true love you’re looking for, is found in Jesus Christ. Only He can truly take care of all your needs
  • The church is not a museum for the godly; it’s a hospital for the broken.
  • Stop hustling. Seek God and not the “jara” to be added
  • You have to sow to receive
  • I had a far-from-perfect childhood, but when you have a father-daughter relationship with God, He sorts you out.
  • The only place you will find your king is in the place of your purpose.



The closing charge by Tara Fela Durotoye, Founder, House of Tara Int’l was the perfect sign out:

  • Seek a close intimate relationship with God, do not run away from Him.
  • Most of us are too self critical to come close to Him.
  • Every time we run from him, we lose the opportunity to be close to Him.
  • Give your labour to Him and let Him give you rest.
  • Take the communion from time to time and remind yourself of the price Jesus paid for you to come freely to God with your sins.

It was a momentous way to spend a Monday! Ladies, please ensure you don’t miss the next one.

By Ayodotun Rotimi-Akinfenwa

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  1. Omilola Oshikoya’s statement stood out for me..”The church is not a museum for the godly; it’s a hospital for the broken”.I only hope will see this and stop being JUDGEMENTAL AND SELF SEEKING.

  2. Omilola Oshikoya’s statement stood out for me..”The church is not a museum for the godly; it’s a hospital for the broken”.I only hope THE CHURCH will see this and stop being JUDGEMENTAL AND SELF SEEKING.

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