So I found myself addressing a Muslim group on Sunday and I asked them to imagine an Islamic world where there is global peace. I wasn't shocked when no one could see a peaceful world because there are various extremists and assorted versions of Islam. A week before that time I asked a group of Christians to imagine a Christian world and tell me if they think there would be peace and I wasn't too surprised as well when they told me doctrinal and denominational wars would break out. If we all accept the fact that religion can never lead to global peace why then, do we all pretend that religion is the key to global peace or that religion is our problem? It seems to be that the interpreters of religion may be the bigger problem. The amazing truth is the God we call upon sends us universal blessings, from sun to moon to air and even the food we eat. There is neither Christian rice nor Muslim beans, so why do we then fight ourselves and pretend as if we don't need each other? A Christian makes a car and a Muslim drives it; a Muslim makes a vaccine and a Christian uses it. A Buddhist manufactures a plane a Shinto flies it, yet we all disembark and stone one another! Why not excommunicate all things remotely connected to the religions you don’t personally subscribe to? Let’s see what rock you will live under then. I have met amazing Muslims and Christians who can never hurt a fly and I have also met bad Christians and Muslims. Unfortunately, we are all faced with the same threats. Isis' bombs are a threat to us all because those things don't recognize religion once they go off. Cancer is a threat to our collective existence because there is no religion that hasn't lost someone to this dreaded ailment. So why don't we forget about what divides us and come together to defeat our common enemy. They claim we need supernatural ability to love because we are incapable of loving by our ordinary ability, but we love ourselves enough to send other people's kids to go demonstrate and get killed because of our political ambitions while our own kids are safely enjoying the best of education abroad. We give glory to God when our mandates are actualized without remembering how many kids died for it. If there is no love in us, all our kids should be leading the protests. They claimed Isis is incapable of love and they want to Islamize the world but those who fund those poor people who execute suicide bombings to qualify for 72 virgins have refused to bomb themselves or send their own kids to go detonate bombs. If they truly believed in the virgins myth, who should be the first to die to meet the virgins? I used to believe love isn't natural until I began to observe how people treat themselves and the people most important to them and how they treat others. I have seen religion punish the poor but exonerate the rich for the same offence. I have seen religion marry off young girls who are poor and unable to speak for themselves, yet never seen the proponents of early marriage marry off their own 11year old daughters. I have seen religion ask people to bow their heads and pour oil to break lack and poverty while the same man who prayed writes a cheque for his own children on the same issue. Why use oil and prayers for a problem that can be resolved with a cheque book? I have seen religion breed hate and suspicion while the promoters of religion are united and unified at the higher calling of looting. I have stopped believing that we can't love because we all know how to protect our children while we mess up other people's sons and daughters. The same energy we use to love our kids and ourselves is exactly the same force we need to love others. If we can all pretend we are rich when we are broke, why don't we pretend everyone else is our family members so that the same bowel of mercy can eventually be extended to them. How well has religion served us and how well has it promoted unity and the general well being of all? How many inventions has religion produced and what vaccines has it created in solving our collective problems? A child doesn’t know tribe, religion, race or gender until we show them the difference and begin to install our self -sabotaging software in them. And that is why I have come to a conclusion that Religion sows a uniform of division and robs our world of amazing partnerships that could have served our collective interests. The problem of our world is HATE and the solution to that problem is LOVE. Spread love today and join hands with someone to defeat hate and spread Love. THIS ISN’T OVER… Curated by Ayodotun from original Instagram posts by Praise Fowowe (with permission)

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