Ladies get in here! The Girl Talk Conference is here. Click to find out all about it. What is GIRL Talk? GIRL Talk (God In Real Life) is a safe space for women to share, to open up, to let go of burdens and to fellowship, under the leading and the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. There, we said it, we are Christian women – Entrepreneurs, leading ladies in the corporate world, wives, evangelists, housewives, mothers, creatives, single women...sisters in Christ – striving daily to discover and walk in the fullness of God's purpose for our lives. GIRL Talk is for women who have been disillusioned by the challenges of life, but have not been broken by them. Women who have a strong feeling that there is more. More than running after validation, more than running after money, more fulfilling friendships, more to achieve, more to impact, more to give… Just more! GIRL Talk is a place where women come together as we discover the truth of what it means to experience God In Real Life. How did it all begin? Ten years ago, Esther Longe (nee Kemmer-Amoda) was involved in a plane crash. She came out of a plane that crashed and survived without any external or internal injuries. After a life of trying to be ordinary, and shying away from attention, God sure was shining a big bright light on her. She spent the next couple of years running, fighting, hiding, resenting, and finally, surrendering to God. "This journey is a true walking-on-water experience for me. It is equal parts exhilarating, equal parts terrifying. In everything, though, I have felt God's hand, and felt the joy of walking in purpose and I never ever want to go back to the mundane." – Esther Longe. In 2014, she started GIRL Talk under the leading of the Holy Spirit, and in January of 2016, God gave her the vision for the first GIRL Talk Conference. If God loves me, then, why…?? Sometimes, it is the whys of life that make us keep our distance from God. We don't understand, so we choose not to talk to Him. We barely pray, barely go to Church, stop believing He's good, and stop trusting Him. But God is so GOOD. His plans for us are good. His thoughts toward us are good, and He works all things together for GOOD. God is so TIRED of His daughters believing lies about Him. His heart is for us to come close to Him, to let Him love us and lead us into the beauty of the purpose He has designed specially and uniquely for us. If you've ever asked God why, if you're still angry at God for something that happened in your past or something you're struggling through right now, if you don't understand what it means to live as the beloved of the Lord, if you still see God as a kind, but distant guy-in-the-sky who does whatever He likes without considering you, then the GIRL Talk Conference is for you. It is a free Christian conference convened by Christ Jesus and hosted by God. The Mission: To equip women leaders to function effectively by providing an avenue for them to renew, refresh and recharge their minds before God. The Goal: To develop leaders for Christ who will effectively mentor the next generation because their foundations and walk are right and in tune with God. Date: 5th December, 2016 Venue: Eko Hotel and Suites, VI, Lagos. Speakers: Lanre Olusola, Omilola Oshikoya, Bunmi George and Esther Longe. Theme: Renew, Refresh & Recharge. Attendance is FREE, But registration is required. Register here: Visit our Instagram page for regular updates: @GirlTalk_GodInRealLife Visit our website for more information: We are looking for Sponsors and partners to join us in making this God-inspired conference a resounding success, to the glory of God and the equipping of His daughters. To support us, please contact us on: or Thank you so much. We look forward to hearing from you!

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