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I have always said fashion is a mindful venture, it takes careful research and planning, believe it or not. Wardrobe  and Style Consultant shares some insight on this. Enjoy. Saving for and investing in timeless, well made clothes and /or accessories is an educated move your wallet will appreciate years later. But understanding that there’s nothing wrong with buying whimsical vibrant costume jewelry or one-wear jewellery from a fast fashion store to elevate an outfit and add individual touch to your look is equally as important. One thing I bear in mind before making an “investment purchase” on an item is its cost-per-wear. Understanding this calculation and knowing this number is an excellent way to simultaneously keep an eye on your bank account and revaluate your closet. Here’s how it works: the next time you’re trying to decide on a high-priced fashion purchase, estimate how many times you’ll wear that item in one month. Now multiply it by twelve to figure out how often you’ll wear it in the next year. Multiply that number by the amount of years you anticipate keeping the item.  
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“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.”

-Grace Coddington I hope i haven’t lost you, we are almost there! Now divide the cost on the price tag by that magic number and you’ll have an estimated cost per wear. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to cost per wear, and your opinion on what constitutes a valuable, wear-all-the-time item is of course subjective. You’ll have to decide for yourself, before purchasing that item, what makes sense for your budget, lifestyle and your wardrobe.  Such decisions ball down to your individual style and where you are willing to invest. For me, well-made designer shoes are where I want unique style, long lasting quality and all the attention.  Now, this doesn’t mean i buy every pair of expensive designer shoes i put on my wish list, it simply means that i fall in love with my shoes and understand the cost-per-wear before buying them and believe it or not, the truth is I still wear one to 3 of the oldest pairs of designer shoes i bought back in college and every time is a new experience when i wear them. What will you spend the most money on? Is it worth the cost per wear? As always, Stay Inspired. Love & Light. Uzo
Uzo Ukegbu is a fashion and style coach in the areas of Self-Expression, Confidence, personal style and wardrobe planning.
She is the founder and principal style coach at ANKA, established in 2016 with a burning passion to impact and redefine the importance of self expression in the minds of women when making fashion and style choices. ANKA offers services in image consultancy, wardrobe revamp, style strategy, personal shopping and confidence workshops. Her work and involvement with brands such as LFDW, Orange Culture, Shakara Couture, Fragrance du Bois to mention a few, has accorded her vast work experiences in the fashion industry. She consistently impacts all individuals and companies she works with by bringing definition to the notion of personal style and clarity to the essence of self-expression. She is an Alumni of Griffith College where she studied Law. She is also a Brand Consultant at The BBCCompany.
Visit her website to reach her and  follow this link  Contact Us to book your Wardrobe/Style consultation with her.

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