The Delphinator is back! So I saw this movie this past week and loved it! The predictable plot aside, it was a yummy Rom Com for many many reasons. First off, the picture was rather colouful,  eye candy, if you will, the warm tones, the rich colours, the ambience. I loved it. The elevated but cultural experience they gave us in this one was refreshing, with Bemyoda, Falana and co to boot! It was quirky, sexy, romantic, thoughtful and sweet, just like a Romantic Comedy should be.  On top of that, it  cast the spotlight on the African mentality of marriage at all costs which need to change. Guys, this one should be exported, let the world see some more quality stories from Nigeria. Drop us a line, let's know which you prefer - The Wedding Party  or Isoken and why. Also please subscribe to Delphine's channel, she's got some great stuff there. .
Delphine Okobah is a Multi-layered Media Mogul: a TV/ Red Carpet Host, Event Compere and Graphic Designer. She just recently launched her YouTube channel where she puts out fun and quirky reviews, previews and what-have-you’s on anything and everything she finds interesting on TV.” Pls subscribe to her Youtube channel for more and follow her on social media:

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