[embed]https://youtu.be/aFx9Uk1SD1k[/embed] Quick, light dinner idea for Dodo lovers who want to switch things up a bit. Sweet Potato + Dodo = SweetDodo! Talented food blogger, Bola Bello is back... Ingredients: Plantain, Sweet potato, Diced chicken, ground pepper and seasoning. Instructions: Fry your plantain and the diced sweet potato and set aside. Heat up your pan or wok, steam your ground pepper and let the water dry before adding vegetable oil. Fry your pepper sauce however you want. I added rosemary, seasoning cube, salt and powdered stock. You can also add chicken fillet, if you have. I used the leftover chicken I had. Stir the pepper sauce to your satisfaction and add the fried plantain and sweet potato. Stir very well so that the pepper can mix evenly. Add mixed vegetable and you are done. Simple, easy and yummy! By Bolla Bello 14482302_1619267118371958_9151103907814965248_n Bola is a self-driven Digital Content Strategist with proficiency on Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, Vine, Snapchat), Blogger, WordPress, & Mailchimp. She is also a food blogger and photographer, Oh yes, she¬†edits videos and designs her own creatives. ¬† Shoot her an email - bollbell@gmail.com or visit her blog www.bollabello.com. You can also find her on Instagram @bollabello @bollaskitchen;on Youtube; Bollaskitchen

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