[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Y0HkX6J4c[/embed] Video Credit: Global News DON'T JUST WATCH THE  VIDEO...READ THE ARTICLE It's been a bit of an emotional week for some of us whom are Social Media crawlers. The conversations and the hashtags have flitted between the Obama Farewell and The Golden Globe wins, mostly the former. There are quite a lot of moments to be celebrated between those two events but I share here, the ones that stood out for me. Obama. It's stale gist that his win was a victory for every underdog against whom the odds of colour and class were stacked, evidence that impossible is nothing. The icing on the cake was his second term and while I'm no political expert, the fact remains that he would be missed. His story is even more exceptional because of his personal life... what a marriage and family he's got. Now, I'm the type who tends to “ying” while others “yang” when it comes to general consensus. I, initially, thought all the eloquent speeches and the public displays of affection between him and his family were a bit too showy but I was sold eventually. In addition to being political and psychological heroes, they have become social and cultural role models to millions around the world. Now that’s more than we can say for most leaders across the world. Anyway, to my point, BE YOURSELF no matter what you aspire to! People will criticize but come to accept and even respect and honor you. Just ask Michelle.Oh, Michelle... Michelle. What an amazing quirky legacy you're leaving, from your impactful campaigns to your fun hip hop videos to raise awareness, to your fashion statements, you redefined what it means to wields influence. Instead of falling in line with the political correctness of your predecessors (which have been perfectly fine and ordinary), you choose to be yourself while making a difference. Amazing! I must go back to your fashion statements. Those were statements if I ever heard one. Those beautiful, relatable, refreshing dresses spoke to us, those pumps, sneakers told us we could be ourselves, they gave us permission to be comfortable in our respective skins while we fulfill our dreams and rise to the top. The amazing ball dresses reminded us to be regal and hold our heads high and look great while at it. Those statements are indelibly inscribed in our memories. Which brings me to my second point, marriage is not a small matter! Your career and most importantly your destiny is most affected by whom your spouse is. If memory serves me, Michele was superior to Obama professionally when they met but she embraced him and made him into the Giant were are celebrating today. MOST OF THE TIME, YOUR KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR COMES TO YOU AS A SEED. And what do you do with a seed? You recognize it for what it is and its potential and you plant it in the right soil and with time, it grows into something of great value and benefit to you. As with all investments, it's not funny when you're embarking on it, but in the long run, you're the better for it.Many young women are not that discerning, they want bells and whistles without working for them. Today, she's being celebrated for her foresight, tenacity and courage. She's publicly lauded by her hubby for her investment in him. He did not become the most powerful man in the world in one day. You do not want to know what it takes to run for office and stay in office for two terms and leave with such a farewell. You need an amazon by your side. Enough said. Now to Meryl Streep’s speech and her legacy celebrated at the golden globes, wow! Before the speech was a montage of her movies over the about 4 decades of consistency, hard, hard work and self reinvention across roles, orientations and accents. Just by watching that, I became momentarily lost in my imagination of the hours on end she obviously put in, the hundreds of sets across continents, how many make up and costume sessions she had to endure, how many lines she had read, how many sleepless nights she must have had. 30 Golden Globe nominations, 8 wins and 18 Oscar Nominations, 3 wins is no joke By the time she was done with her speech, half of the younger actors in the room were in tears! The Lifetime Achievement was well deserved and what an intelligent speech… Trace Ellis Ross’ win was also noteworthy, the first black woman in 35 years to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical is not a small feat either. While they are as different as night and day, their careers reminded me of the need for each of us to build and sustain our staying power at anything we lay our hands to . YOU CAN’T GET TIRED YOU MUST KEEP GOING.YOUR TIME (TO BE CELEBRATED) WILL COME. Last but not least for me, was the MY FIRST JOB segment, The actors told us one by one what their first jobs were.
  • Taraji P. Henson was a singing, dancing waitress on a Cruise ship .
  • Ben Affleck tore tickets at a movie theatre.
  • Kevin Hart was a life guard
  • An actress (whom I don’t know but is obviously famous) was the letter V in a promotional video for a British TV Channel CITV.
  • Tyler Perry cleaned up dog poop at a pet shop.
  • Viola Davis changed people’s cards at the bingo and so much more
My point, there are many people in the above or similar scenarios right now who think they are invisible and going nowhere but just look at these guys today. It’ll happen, if you work for it. That’s all I’m going to say. Time would not permit me to describe the brilliance pre-show performance by the host and some of the stars or the fact that the show ran smoothly and with no artiste performances…I think you get the point. Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Love, Ayodotun Just had to post this other  video on Michelle... this is the definition of 'be yourself'! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7m5_9aw2-Q[/embed] Video Credit:Pop Sugar Entertainment. Love, Ayodotun

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