Here are 3 things learnt while planning my first major Brand Workshop.

We held the Build my Brand Workshop last Saturday and it was great but you see, I was a nervous wreck before the event. There was so much going through my head before the D –Day. Needed to be sure it was worthwhile, needed to ensure we answered all their burning questions, needed to be sure we have people actually attend. There were loads of inquiries but a lot of people dropped off with excuses… “Oh I have another event that day”, “The fee”, ‘Oh I don’t plan to feel well that day”, loll. You get the point. These and more were issues that contributed to my nerves, but you see, anyone who wants to do anything new (at least for them), or something, worthwhile will have the mental struggle, it is pretty standard. I did learn from the experience.

Here are 3 things I learned or rather re-learned:

  1. That you are afraid does not mean your dream or plan will not work. When was I was conceptualizing the whole thing…. I wanted to share from my experience about all the moving parts that go into establishing a brand from scratch with small and medium business owners who have great products but are not packaging themselves right. I also wanted someone other than myself with the advertising industry perspective, someone who could bridge the gap between big brands and small. I wondered who in the Advertising industry I was coming from, could relate with their SME problems and the person that came to mind was Steve Babaeko. Steve is an industry boss who has built his business, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing Advertising agencies from scratch, one that’s already going Pan African in just 6 years of operation. I summoned up the courage to ask him because we had been out of touch for a little while. He didn’t even bat an eyelid when I shared my vision. He said yes and started looking at dates right away! As the date came around, I was so nervous about the workshop and so I over prepared my document. We didn’t even finish the material in a class I prepared… it was so loaded. Thank God, we have the post-workshop video call.

2. Step up your thinking. There’s a whole macro perspective to whatever you are doing and you need to up your thinking from time to time. Of course, Steve brought his perspective and reasoning as a CEO to bear… to share a few nuggets from his presentation.

  • SMEs are the backbone of any economy. In Nigeria (according to the Federal Office of Statistics) SMEs provide 50% of the employment and 50% of the industrial output in Nigeria. There are no small businesses, only small minds. We need to step up to the plate and take our roles more seriously, we are not small fries.
  • In this social media age, consumers have all the power, you can’t control the conversations anymore, you can only participate, share facts AND leave the rest in the court of public opinion.
  • There are genuine conversations you need to be a part of, be sure to harness all the conversations about your brand and address any twisted matters.
  • Industry Partnerships. It can be very expensive to create an ecosystem that will help your industry thrive. We don’t do that enough and we are the ones that need it the most. We need to join forces with others more often.
  • Brands are like human beings, they grow, evolve and keep moving and when it’s time to rebrand…, you will know. Let a professional help you.
  • Keep up the advertising drive. If Coca Cola is still advertising aggressively, who are you? Keep going? The moment you stop communicating, people will forget you.
Build my Brand Workshop Lifestyle Hues at the end of the day.
  1. You can have anything you want…anything. The location I wanted was rather out of the budget, but certainly not out of my league in my mind, which is where the magic happens. On most of the planning days, it looked like I needed to move to a smaller space…but I stuck to my guns, I wanted that space, it fit my brand and I needed to step up from the training centers I had used in the past. If you were in my class, you would know that even location you bring your customers or clients to is part of the cues you are exuding about your brand.

We certainly had a great time and I’m looking forward to planning more workshops in the future. A lot of people couldn’t make that date and were asking if I have a recorded version, well I’m announcing my online course next week so you can be a part of that one. It will go live in early September.

Simply send me a mail to register, I have the full curriculum – the works on that online course. 3 modules and at least 6-7 lessons, there will be at least 6 hours material on it. Follow me on @lifestylehues on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with early bird deals.

See you online.

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