What problems are you solving?

Exactly ten years ago, I attended the Daystar Leadership Academy where the curriculum focused on principles that guarantee success in business, career, daily interaction and ministry. One of the courses taught then was Problem Solving, did not fully realize the reason why we really needed that course until now.

I think the reason for my realization stems from the current season in my life, one in which I daily need to search myself and my environment for things that will help me meet my growing clientele’s needs profitably. You see, as a growing entrepreneur, I have had to daily put on my thinking cap in order to uncover the experiences, giftings and talents on my inside and match them profitably to the needs of my people in my space.

What am I going on about ? Well, we live in topsy-turvy and resultantly opportunity-ridden world. Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and while I may not agree, it happens 80% of the time. Things are never what you want them to be, you have to work at or fight for anything you want done.. Problem solving cannot be therefore be over emphasized. This brings me to my point.

People are not equipped to solve all the problems they face in life. They may be able to solve one or two of them but there are a thousand others, they are not able to because of limited time, limited abilities and limited knowledge.

To put things in perspective, Can you teach all the knowledge and skills to your kids to ensure they can make it in the corporate world? Can you build your car yourself from scratch? Can you make decisions as the CEO all day and at the end of the clean up the office premises from top to bottom? Can you grow your own vegetables? Make your own food, grow your own cotton, make your own fabrics, and sow your own clothes so you can wear them? Even when you can do things yourself you ultimately need other people to do some tasks in a faster and more effective manner. Many times you would rather pay an “expert” to get it done than waste precious man-hours doing it yourself and failing.

I’m sure by now, you get the picture. Each of us need to reach inside ourselves to find problems we are inclined, able and equipped or can be equipped to solve, whether we are entrepreneurs, career people, investors or even philanthropists. Everyone wants to succeed at something and be at least financially comfortable but if they do not grasp this truth and run with it in life, they will run into problems. Every item is purpose built for something, to fix an issue, even a bottle opener or an eraser, how much more, you a human being –God’s super, most sophisticated creation.


In the end, each of us have “something” to offer our world and our success is hidden within that “something” and how much we invest in cultivating it and making it useful enough to solve problems.

So you may ask, how does this affect me? And I ask you: are you creating problems or solving them? You may also ask “Haven’t I heard this before? Find my purpose, follow my dreams? What’s new?” Well, there are some steps you need to take…

Steps to truly becoming a problem solver.

  • Identify what you have on the inside, your DNA not just in terms of gifts and talents but in terms of personality and the kind of environment in which you will thrive.
  • Work your Gifts and DNA. Talent is never ever enough, it always comes to you as a seed which you need to water, cultivate, care for and build until it becomes a tree of life to those around you (Excuse the biological metaphors). If you feel you are great with figures and calculations and you do not get into the science of it, you will make nothing of it in the end. If you think you can hold a note and you don’t work your voice, you will never ever take the world stage as a singer.
  • Match your gifts to certain identified problems in the environment needing what you have to offer
  • Identify the people with those problems
  • Identify the people with those problems who can pay
  • Identify how many of those people there are and how long you will need to serve each one.
  • Identify how you can sustainably solve those problems and make profit in the long term
  • Create a bespoke solution for them. This process never ends, you need to keep working at it.
  • Get out there and sell, sell and sell.

This holds true whether you are a business owner, a prospective one or an employee…. As an employee, your boss or your board need you to take their problems and headaches away and they don’t care how you do it sometimes, they just need results.

A few key thoughts about problem solving:

  • Outstanding people solve outstanding problems. The bigger the problems, you solve, the greater you are. Imagine someone who can finally solve Nigeria’s power problem!
  • Problems make the difference between winners and losers.
  • Everyone and every generation has problems, a life free of challenges is an illusion.
  • Without problems life will lose its creative tension. What kind of world would we be living in, where you have everything and don’t need to work for anything?

One of my mentors used to say “Challenges make champions” and she was so right…. The many problems in our world offer endless opportunities for our abilities to find expression and make us successful. So, as I said in the last article on the issue. Click here to read it: http://lifestylehues.com/heres-the-surest-way-to-make-good-money/         Find a problem and solve it today.



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