Recently, I joined the train of a social media campaign titled #tomyyoungerself which was geared toward the launch of a book and honestly, I did not know just how much I needed to say to my younger self until I started writing… I decided to put pen to paper to really say a lot of things to my #Youngerself on various aspects of life. Enjoy. Life in General Life is in phases. Each and every phase in which you are killing yourself with worry and fear, will pass. You know that big exam, job interview, that major presentation you are working on for a big Client meeting? It will all pass and you will survive every big event, or mountain you thought you wouldn’t get through, you will get past all of them, all! I know you’re scared, your first inclination, when you get to any new terrain, is fear and you compensate by putting in your best, the long hours, the studying. Well, let go of the fear because half of the things you worry about, never happened. You were just in your feelings for nothing. But keep up the hard work, that work ethic will uphold you when you start your own business. Yes you, you’ll start your own business. Remember all the things told you at the UNILAG Chapel when you studied and prayed, they are going to happen. Stop being so terrified of everything. My Masters Degree You did something interesting when you wrote the entrance exam for your masters degree, you went to your favourite praying spot and you thanked God for a completed programme. Months down the line, however, from every indication, you wouldn’t make it, you were just too busy at work! You missed more classes and assignments that you could ever imagine. The Thesis, oh that Thesis. Stop crying about your masters thesis at night, that your supervisor…Dr Mrs (you won’t be able to remember her name in a few years) she’s going to give you a good grade in the end, stop dying inside because of her cruel comments, all the sleepless nights writing and researching even after your colleagues had finished theirs and moved on…they will pay off! Your work schedule didn’t make it easy on you, keep at it but cut yourself some slack!   Marriage You have weird ideas in your head about what you want in a home and family. Well, God is listening, taking note of what you want. You are right to dodge all those relationships you wanted but did not feel right. Your gut is right, just wait for it, there’s someone just as weird and as amazing as you want (even more) coming your way but he’s coming as a package you will unravel with God’s help, you will need to put in the work too. Just hold on, this single phase will pass so fast, you will wonder if it ever happened. You’re right about waiting and not settling or yielding to pressure. Career in Marketing Communications Yes, those glossy Ads in the papers, those colourful billboards, funny TV Ads there are people behind them, coming up with beautiful, creative Ads. I know you have been wondering... there’s actually a wonderful profession called ADVERTISING with fun energetic people like you, and guess what, you will join this amazing group of people. You just have to make a decision about what you really want before you write that JAMB!   You will not only join them… you will, eventually, start your own business, I know that was never really in the plan but, oh yes you will!   Those branding and marketing textbooks you devoured for hours on end, those books fueled your dreams. Don’t lose sight of your books even after you become an expert. To be honest, you will lose sight of them, at some point but find your way back to those books Ayodotun, they give you fire power. Stay hungry for more.     I’ll stop here for now…  Remember, Decisions determine are on your way into the world, make it worthwhile and do what you want to do when you want to do it. Stop telling yourself you will do it when you are older, it's a trap. If you don't act on your ideas, you will find younger, bolder people living your dreams, In fact, you will painfully realize this at some point but pick yourself up girl and do what you’ve got to do and move on!.        


July 8, 2018


On point!

July 9, 2018


Thanks babes!

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