You’re full of it and here’s why…

I’m an unwitting people-watcher, I use the word “unwitting” because I really don’t care to put my nose in people’s business. Instead, I find that I look at random people in random situations and ask myself questions like: Why is this person like this? What has he been through?  If his situation were different, would he do this? What is he really like, behind the façade? Why is the world like this on issues like this?

I do this because, I have seen incredibly great and downright mind blowing stuff come out of people. For the hundredth time, look at Oprah, Dangote, Mo Abudu, Steve Jobs and indeed anyone that has done anything whatsoever. All the amazing things they created, activated or facilitated came from inside them. Those things came from their thought patterns, ideas, strategies and plans or, at least, their respective teams’ to which they were catalysts.

So, I, daily, watch the sea of heads walking down the street, driving cars, jogging and just watching TV and I imagine all the great things these people carry on their insides.

Just look at it this way. When an organisation hires someone, they will look at his credentials and ask about his experience because each person is an embodiment of and is hired for the following:

  • Raw talent,
  • Groomed skills,
  • Background,
  • Life experiences/exposure,
  • Contacts, Connections and associations,
  • Temperaments and shenanigans,
  • Aura/Vibes,
  • Ideologies and aspirations,

You can also look at it in terms of marriage. When you marry someone, the above elements and so much in that person’s life become part of yours. Whether the person will make the best or the worst of it, you’re wrapped up in that. The same applies to a business relationship and all that the person brings to the table aside from money.

At any rate, each of us will cause things to happen or create things and impact the earth based on what we are made up. If you listen to Mo Abudu’s story, you will find that she always wanted more and she wanted to make great things happen, so did Dangote whose consistent business acumen has made him the richest man in Africa. But you see, those mighty corporations they have created were tiny seeds of ideas on their insides, they were thoughts they could have cast aside in exchange for a normal, uneventful and predictable life, much like happens today. For some, they are carrying around an enviable corporate career which comes as a little seed of thought or hope on their inside, they push this seed aside daily because they do not think they are worthy enough and are too busy trying to hold the little job they have. For some others, they are carrying around a genuine service-oriented political career but do not know how to get started.

Others are jogging around the streets, driving on the highway with multinational businesses comfortably nestled on their insides with no hope of manifestations.

If only we could open up each person I pass by each day, we would have a field day reminiscent of a Saturday binge-watch of your favourite shows.

I’ve used the word “seeds” a lot in this article and it’s because all that we will become starts with a seed – of thought, a gift or natural talent an ideology or even a particular temperament. Like I indicated in the list   above, you also have a background you can leverage on – whether rich or poor,-there must be something you can take from it. There are relationships and contacts, you need people, their money and connections to actualize your dreams Just ask Mo Abudu. Read a bit on her story on this article I wrote a while back here.

Have you called that your old boss? What about your friend who is in business or life experiences that have shaped you and will empower you to achieve your goals?

You see, all the above are seeds and will forever remain seeds, small, insignificant and unassuming until you put it in the right soil i.e. environment and you begin to water it, get it some manure or fertilizer, patiently tend it as it begins to grow. Every one has a seed stage, what you do with it is what determines what you harvest in the long run. Nature is such a profound teacher.

You know, how you were friends with someone from a tender age and fast forward decades later, you see all they have achieved and you wonder “Isn’t this the same tiny boy I used to play in the sand with”? Oh well, he acted on what he had on his inside, planted his seeds by getting to work and invested in taking steps that took him to where he is.

When I left my 9-5, I had some plans but along the line, one door led to another and then to another and I find daily that there’s so much to discover. All I’m doing today, was once a seed on my inside which I pushed aside in order to face my daily obligations until one day, I allowed it become my daily obligation and oh wow!

So , what hopes and dreams have you been incubating? How about some baby steps in that direction? Ask for that role in your office, take the course, meet some investors, check out that office space, look into that fellowship criteria, apply for a new job. There’s always so much more waiting on the other side of your daily obligations or your fears.

So what are you carrying? And what are you doing about them?




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