You’ve Got a Story, Why Don’t You Get Paid For It?


Just as many people underestimate their potential, so do many people underestimate just how exciting their life is. While it may seem mundane to you (and it will: you’re living it!), to someone else, you might be a fountain of knowledge, an inspirational person who can add real value to another person’s life and general offer insight . The internet has given you a medium to share all that you know, and it’s called blogging. And whereas this form used to be more or less just “for fun,” there’s now real scope to make money, just by setting up a website and sharing your experiences. Here’s some basic info on what you’ll need to do if you want to turn your story into cash.

Who Are You Writing For?

Unless you’re someone who is undeniably inspiring to everyone, your target demographic audience will be a pretty small percentage of the population (don’t worry: it’s a big world, even having a tiny slither of people as readers would bring in thousands!). As such, you’ll need to figure out who exactly will be reading your blog, and then post blog posts that reflect their interests, style, and language, all through the lens of your story.

Build the Audience

You won’t be able to make money straight away. Before you can do that, you need to build your audience. By consistently publishing well-written, engaging content that people enjoy reading, you’ll slowly but surely boost your followers and mailing list numbers. This may take many months (even longer), but eventually, you’ll see that you’re on the right track and that you can start thinking about making money from your blog.

Scaling Up

There’ll be a few steps you’ll need to take when you’re ready to step up. You’ll want to revamp your website so that it looks modern and sleek. You’ll also want to use paid ads on Google, Facebook & Instagram so that you can reach a wider audience. You may need more money than you have to make this happen, especially as you might need to upgrade your infrastructure to handle increased website visitors. You may want to consider an investor or backer, or a small loan so click here for more info about small business loans for my US peeps. When everything’s in place, you’ll be able to commit to your blog full-time.

Offering New Services

You won’t just make money through ad revenue. You’ll make it through numerous sources. For example, depending on the nature of your blog, you may sell products (example: a travel blog might sell travel gadgets on the side). You can also write E books, which can bring in a lot of passive income, and offer lessons and other one-to-one coaching services. These sources of income, along with the ad revenue of having a high visitor count, will ensure that your website brings in a healthy dose of cash. We are in the “Knowledge Economy” era afterall.

Final Thoughts

The hardest part of turning what’s written above into reality is getting started. Once you’re in, your passion and determination will make building a profitable blog not only rewarding but fun! I started small bit it has absolutely evolved into a lot of discoveries for me as a lifestyle blogger. So, you’ve already got a lot to say; so say it, and make some money at the same time.


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