What Problems Does Your Business Solve?


Every business exists to solve a problem from which they profit. The more problems you solve, the more money you make. There’s a reason businesses are called SOLUTIONS.

Some people’s problems include (but are not limited to) and we can create solutions around them
1. TIME to do something themselves (cook, shop,create)
2. IGNORANCE (I can’t handle my taxes myself, or make my own hair like some people)
3. SECURITY I.e peace of mind;I have this big house, I need to secure it
4. MONEY. Everyone has money problems, you’re either trying to make money or secure what you have or both
5. WELL BEING. People are battling physical and mental health, esteem issues.
6. STRESS: People are paying for good money convenience, can you offer that with what you do?
Of course, there are many more.

What problem does your business solve? Tell us. Someone with that problem may be reading .

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